Happy Clients

We were struggling before ‘Wheely Good Media’ took over our marketing. We’re now fully booked out with 2 membership levels, a VIP club and a waiting list for our memberships! We’re tapped out at 300 clients per month and looking at how to expand.

- Kristy – Perfect Pamper Beauty Salon

When I was looking at how to make payroll for the next couple of months after having to buy out my business, I was needing a company on board to help us get quality leads in the door day after day. “‘Wheely Good Media’ allowed us to do that in just 45 short days and even put us into the position we were needing to look at at least one extra staff member immediately. With their custom Instagram and Messenger Bot combo it blew us away how incredible the clients were that were coming through

- Theo Kensington – Architect

My team and I are great at how to design a pretty room or house, but we weren’t cutting it when it came to the marketing at all. We took all the pretty photos and uploaded them to all the right places – but the phone wasn’t ringing. We got Malissa and the team on board for sorting out a lead generation funnel for us and couldn’t believe just how simple they made the process for us. We got 115 leads in 90 days and had 27 of those convert into paid jobs for us.

- Theo Kensington – Architect

In the custom kitchen industry theres so much competition – particularly when it comes to supposedly easy DIY solutions. Yet the team at ‘Wheely Good Media’ were able to find the gems amongst the rocks with our exisiting database straight away. After one email campaign we sold 5 kitchens for an average of $28,ooo each. Then with the full 90 day campaign we had sold a further 9 kitchens.

- Tristan Hoffman – Kitchen Designer

As important as lighting is in someones design – I’ve always had trouble explaining and conveying that to clients so they’re ready to invest with me in their lighting plan. With our educational funnel that Malissa and the team have designed, the prospects are ready to talk designs and lights and even better – they’re ready to invest with our team. We’re closing at least 5 new clients every month with at least $15,000 plans.