Web Design Done Right

Web Design That Follows a System Works.

Business owners seldom buy cheap web design and find themselves getting bucket loads of sales leads from it, that just doesn’t happen!

At Sites By Design we don’t like to blindly build websites for our clients and hope for the best, we like to work with our client’s goals in mind and design their digital presence to meet their business plan for the sake of lead generation and the increase of turnover.

In the Web Design industry, systems are everything. Unfortunately, there are many web design businesses who haven’t heard that yet!

At Sites By Design we have been constantly refining our business processes. From simple website backups or WordPress updates to the more complex website design tasks, we are always working on how to get it done more efficiently. Below is a simple explanation of how we do our web design projects with little fuss. We have found that every time we have not followed these simple yet important steps the result is always a slow process and a slightly frustrated customer!

STEP 1 - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the key to any success. And sadly most web design companies or freelancers never even think about it. In our strategic planning, we plan every page for success. We ask who the page is going to benefit, what it will say, how many words need to be written, what term it needs to be found in Google Search and what do we want the reader to do once they have read some or all of the content. No page should be useless and all pages should be a lead generating asset.

Step 2 - Content Creation

Content Writing is an art form that requires a good understanding of who the reader is and what their needs are. That's why we only write content after the Strategic Planning is completed and signed off. The content must be engaging, answer the core problem that your customer is looking to solve whilst not sending the reader to sleep! It's also a good idea to ensure your grammar is correct and that the content makes sense to someone you know who has no clue about the subject matter.

STEP 3 - Quality Design

Website Design is not like print design. Just because a designer can design beautiful billboards, brochures and business cards don't mean their same design logic will work on the internet. And many of the best designers are also long term industry veterans who either cannot or refuse to expand their views on certain design-related rules. Your Web Designer needs to have a good grasp of concepts like User Experience (UI), User Interface (UI), Typography, Composition and Colour Theory.

Step 4 - Easy Development

Website Development these days is a word that has been severely abused. There are lots of different frameworks out there like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Each 'Developer' will suggest their preference is the only way. The fact is that the industry has spoken and WordPress has come out the winner for most standard website builds. Inside WordPress, there are multiple frameworks as well. Some are great whilst some are not so great. We use a popular framework that is very Search Engine Friendly as well as 'customer edit friendly'.

Step 5 - Smart Marketing

Ok, Yes I know Marketing is not a part of the web design process. However, you need to understand the types of marketing that will be right for your business and then ensure that you have all the correct set up done at the end of your website build. Ensuring the smallest barrier to installing the correct analytics, cookie control and any other onsite element to aid your marketing efforts is a crucial part of building a website. The sheer volume of plugins designed for each is huge. We have done the research and found the ones we think are best.

Our Past Web Design Work

Because Sites By Design has been around since early 2010, we have created our fair share of websites. Subsequently below is a list of some of those sites. Feel free to browse through them, however, some of these sites were built in the earlier days of our trading and may need to be updated or replaced. Feel free to click through to any of these websites to the full experience!

Basic Website

  • Basic Website
  • Single Page Only
  • Basic Graphics
  • Client To Supply All Content
  • Content Submitted via Website Form Before Production

Starter Website

  • Multiple Page Website
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Basic Graphics
  • Client To Supply All Content
  • Option To Work Live with a team member on Zoom

Platinum Website

  • Multiple Page Website
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Basic Graphics
  • Content Written By Us
  • Option To Work Live with a team member on Zoom